Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Theme Blog Post: Classroom Setup

The following blog posts are connected to setting up your classroom space.

1. This post shares the work we've done with 'Ontario Elementary Social Studies Teachers' Association' (OESSTA). We created 8 videos connected to Pete's inquiry-based classroom and this one video focus' on setting up your classroom space.

2. In preparing your classroom, you may need to think about the steps of inquiry. This post gives you example of the type of material you may need when setting up your inquiry-based classroom. 


Two important features for our classroom: large group gathering area and areas that allow for small group work.


Saturday, August 5, 2017


This blog was created in 2012, and my goal was to share what we've done in our classrooms, to share our learning and most importantly, to share how we've used the inquiry approach.  The way the blog structure is presented, old post get lost and there are top traffic posts, that I would like to share with you again! Whether you're new to this site, new to learning about the inquiry-approach or curious about what we have learned along the way, check here regularly as I highlight and recycle posts.

The following post was written in 2013 and it is THE top traffic post.  It was written for an Additional Qualification (AQ) course. Let me know what you think! 

Writing in Kindergarten 

P.S. I have two good reasons, for not regularly writing new blog posts...retirement and grandma-hood! However, I do plan to mix it up with new content and please stay tuned!