Sunday, March 4, 2012

Teacher Inquiry

The teacher collaborative process is a powerful and critical part of our work. It is with the Ministry of Education's "Teacher Learning and Leadership Program" (TLLP) that we are able to work and learn together. Our professional development project on inquiry-based teaching and learning has provided us with the opportunity to transform our practice. Our own collaborative inquiry has engaged us as learners in critical and creative thinking.
Collaborative Teacher Inquiry

Together we have been able to plan and investigate new and engaging instructional strategies to use with our students. It's our own inquiry that helps to integrate new knowledge and understanding of student learning and classroom instruction. The past practice of spending time alone behind closed doors with our students is over. (Secretariat special Edition - Collaborative Teacher Inquiry- 2010)

Our professional development group allows us to be "knowledge creators" and not "information receivers." Understanding deeply about how students learn, continually adapting and applying pedagogical approaches that meet the needs of our students is important. Teachers are learners, too!   We have been looking at the Inquiry Approach Versus Coverage Approach (Harvey & Daniels, 2009) posted and listed on our website as one part of our learning about inquiry for students. Point number seven:

Student as Knowledge Creator VS Student as Information Receiver

Our Grade One students completed and presented their inquiry projects to classmates, the school and parents. It was clear that they are "knowledge creators" and active in the process of investigation and learning. 
Sharing our Learning
Display in Hallway
Going Public

The Grade 5/6 students, also showed that they are "knowledge creators" when they worked in small groups to learn about Black History. Each group presentation displayed active knowledge and understanding about the topic. Allowing students to investigate and question creates engaged and motivated learners. 
Engaged and Motivated

Creating a Podcast
Are you and your students "knowledge creators?" Are you involved in a "collaborative teacher inquiry" at your school? Please add comments or give feedback. 

Until next time, happy knowledge building!

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