Saturday, April 14, 2012

Curiosity Notebook


This grade one/two class started a "Curiosity Notebook" and immediately developed many interesting questions!  They also made a list of ways to find out information with one student suggesting that  they only need to..."Ask the teacher, she knows everything!"

Teachers sharing and learning

As a group of teachers interested in finding out about inquiry-based teaching, we continue to meet to discuss our learning.  The Curiosity Notebook posted above, was developed by the teacher after she read chapter 8 from "Inquiry Circles in Action, Comprehension and Collaboration" by Stephanie Harvey & Harvey Daniels. Another teacher, started a Wonder Board to list all the "wonders" of her grade one students. In the grade 5/6 class, we started with an Inquiry Notebook for each student. As they work through mini-inquiries, the students track their thinking and list their curiosities.

What are you curious about?

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  1. Really like what you are doing here. Great to see how you are able to do a lot of cross-curricular things. (Wondering how we could bring this into the high school level though?)

    I have also tried to do an inquiry "post-it up" board for my History class... however I have had to have it topic based due to this secondary level i.e.) WWII. Do you still see this as true inquiry base model?