Thursday, May 31, 2012

Persuasive Writing

Should There Be Zoos? A Persuasive Text by Tony Stead is the mentor text we used to introduce our students to persuasive writing. The students listened carefully to the book and took up the challenge to write their own class book. They were inspired by the young authors in Stead's book. You could almost hear them thinking...."I can do that!" They worked in teams to write their piece and will publish it soon, using iBooks Author. 

iBooks Author is an amazing app that lets you and your students create beautiful Multi-Touch textbooks for the iPad. Check out the app...You can be an author, too!

Here Pete is modeling reading strategies and teaching text features in order to help students understand how to write a persuasive text. 

We worked together to establish the Success Criteria for writing. Students generated a list of questions and ideas for writing a persuasive text. 
Working on Success Criteria for writing persuasive text. 

The students created a long list of ideas!

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