Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Steps to Implementation!

The iPads are here!

We have 10 iPads in our school. They are being used in classrooms as supplement to the school's laptop (20) cart.

There were so many things for us to consider when setting up iPads for the school. Our beginning steps started with:

  1. Set up with school network
  2. Purchase covers to protect the iPad
  3. Purchase a rack to store and carry iPads to classrooms
  4. Open a school gmail account and a iTune's account
  5. Assign a number to each iPad
On each iPad in settings, under general, we changed:
  1. Restrictions- Installing Apps-off and Deleting Apps-off
  2. Accessibility - Speak Selection - on
  3. Location Services - Find My iPad-on
Apps purchased:

Keynote for presentations
Pages for word processing
iMovie for movie making
ComicLife for writing and sharing

Stay Tuned---More to Share!

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