Monday, December 10, 2012

And So....The Learning and Sharing Continues!

We Have a New Project!

Over the 2011/2012 school year, Pete and I have worked on a "Teacher Learning and Leadership Program" (TLLP) with the Ontario Ministry of Education. Our project has focused on the inquiry approach to teaching. We developed a website and I started this blog. It was an amazing year of learning and teaching for us and for our students and we thought that the project had come to an end.

...That is until we learned about the "Provincial Knowledge Exchange" (PKE) project created by the Ministry of Education at the "Sharing the Learning" Summit, in November.  All TLLP participants gather at this Summit for an opportunity to share their year-long learning and accomplishments.

"Sharing the Learning" Summit in Toronto - November 2012

The Ministry wants to continue to share the growth and learning that the TLLP participants have gained throughout the year.  This program provides funding for teachers to get together to share their expertise and refine their practice! We's the missing link! Please visit the following link for information~ TLLP  and PKE ~ Maybe we can bring our learning to you by visiting your school. Check it out!


Our PKE project has been approved and we are now able to continue working with teachers and on our own project. With the support of our board, we will be able to share our learning about inquiry-based teaching and learning with teachers and their students. We're hoping to visit classrooms for "A Day of Inquiry" and we will explore with teachers the 'Steps to Inquiry.'  Pete and I will also be available to continue to support through our website, email and perhaps more visits. We are very excited about being able to continue our learning and appreciate the professional development opportunity.

 Thanks to the TLLP team for the creative and open-minded thinking.  Their willingness to allow teachers to take their Professional Development into their own hands, deserves to be congratulated. 

It's PD that is revolutionary!

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