Sunday, March 3, 2013

Inquiry Teaching & Learning!

Building Background Knowledge

As part of our PKE project, we've been visiting classrooms to provide authentic hands-on learning for teachers and their students.  Danielle Parent and I spent "A Day of Inquiry" with this grade one teacher and her students.

We  began the day by introducing the topic of "Welcome to our Community."  We showed short video clips from Learn 360, read a text about "Community Helpers," we recorded new words and new learning on a chart together.

Students were put into 4 groups of 5, and they were given post-it notes and a basket of books to do their own research. They had to record questions and new learning, then they presented their findings to the class. This strategy helps to build the background knowledge necessary when beginning an inquiry.

Why do firefighters work out?

We found out a lot about our Community Helpers!

Sharing our findings!
Next, we introduced 4 centres! Each centre was 30 minutes with a 5 minute presentation of their work.

Smart Board Centre
Storytelling using Felt Board App & Explain Everything App

Plasticine Community Helpers and Tools

Building a Community

The day went by quickly and these grade one students were asking us to come back. Their teacher was impressed with her students' level of engagement throughout the day.

Providing authentic hands-on learning to teachers and their students about the inquiry approach to teaching and learning is inspiring. We learn so much from each other!
Are you using the inquiry approach to teaching and learning? 
Please share, we would love to hear from you!

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