Saturday, April 13, 2013

Inquiry For Teachers and Students

Our experience with the "Provincial Knowledge Exchange" (PKE) program funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education and supported by our board has been very rewarding. This unique Professional Development (PD) opportunity for teachers has provided time for us to work with them in their classroom and explore the 'Inquiry Approach' to teaching.

Pete and I continue to follow a template for our "Day of Inquiry" with teachers and students:

1. Introduce the theme and topic for the day by sharing a "Learn 360" movie clip and a mentor text. This step helps students to develop background knowledge and gives us information about their understanding of the theme. 

2. We model questioning and record our learning as a group on chart paper. We also start a vocabulary list that the teacher can continue working on when we leave. 


3. Students in groups of 5 or 6 are given a bucket with informational text for research, chart paper and post-it notes to record their questions and new learning.

4. Once students have a list of questions and new learning, each group shares their information to the class.
5. Next,  each group is given an opportunity to explore and they are provided with hands on activities. We work on a station rotation,  giving each group a chance to move from one station to the next.

6. During the station exploration, teachers help students to think critically and we guide questions that promote curiosity and wonder.

7. Finally, each group shares their learning and presents to the class. In the clip below, students use the iPad to take pictures of information they learn. Then, they transfer the information to the Explain Everything App to create a slide/audio presentation.
Frogs by Justin
Special thanks to  
Danielle Parent - our Primary Level partner and  
Judith Gatt - our Principal.
We appreciate your support!

Do you have questions about the inquiry approach to teaching?
What do you think about this unique PD opportunity for teachers?


  1. Louise and Peter - thank you for continuing to document your "learning journey" with TLLP and PKE - your sharing and learning is powerful!

    In appreciation,
    Jim Strachan

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