Sunday, May 26, 2013

Celebrating Reading!

Bonnie, Scott Cooper & Donna White

For the past couple of years, our school has been involved in reading books that have been picked by Ontario Library Association (OLA).  Our volunteer extraordinaire, Donna White, ensures that our school purchases the books that have been nominated for the school year.  Thanks to parent council and a supportive principal every class has a selection of new books to read.

Students read the books that are selected for their age group, track their reading and respond to the text in a variety of ways. Donna visits each classroom to conference one on one with each student about the book they've read. She collects their comments and will post them on our bulletin board.  In May, our students have an opportunity to vote for their favourite Canadian book. We compare our selection of winners with "The Forest of Reading Award Program" and announce our results, along with OLA choices at our year end celebration.

This year, Donna organized our celebration for the entire school with guests from the Public Library. Bonnie took time to announce the summer programs at the library but most importantly made the announcement of the book winners that we've been anxiously waiting for. Scott works at the library but he is also a musician! He performed songs he wrote for some of the books nominated and entertained us with his music. Our students love him! We ended our celebration day with a treat.

We had fun!  And most to read at our school!

How do you celebrate reading at your school?

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