Thursday, August 22, 2013

Goals of SSHG - Let's Have a Conversation

The  previous post "Let's Have a Conversation," looked at the vision of the 2013 New Revised Social Studies, History and Geography. The vision statement lists what it is hoping this document will achieve. The goals help students realize the vision as they:

  • develop the ability to use the 'concepts of disciplinary thinking" to investigate issues, events, and developments;
  • develop the ability to determine and apply appropriate criteria to evaluate information and evidence to make judgement;
  • develop skills and personal attributes that are needed for discipline-specific inquiry and that can be transferred to other areas of life;
  • build collaborative and cooperative working relationships;
  • use appropriate technology as a tool to help them gather and analyse information, solve problems, and communicate.  (p. 6 - New Revised Social Studies, History and Geography)
How do educators help students achieve these goals in SSHG? 


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  2. Teacher Librarians, literacy coaches and ERT's will play an essential role in collaborative planning, delivery and assessment of these critical literacy skills. Curriculum maps and school success teams will have a vehicle for co teaching literacy and the research/inquiry process. Fancy Nancy

  3. I agree! It's all about collaboration...