Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's All About The...Relationships We Build!

Pete's brilliant idea of starting the year by having his students build go-karts; allowed kids to move freely around the classroom, gave them skills to work together, to problem solve and to feel like they were still on summer holiday! In the meantime, they were reading, writing "how-to" manuals, learning about simple machines, learning about measurement and the list goes on! They were motivated, felt safe to explore and learned the importance of collaboration. They were building relationships that would help them grow throughout the school year.

In this grade 4/5 classroom, students are engaged and motivated to do work not only because it's an energized workshop environment, but because their teacher builds a safe and inclusive classroom.  Pete takes time to get to know his students, he builds a positive relationship and by providing a hands on activities, he is able to observe the abilities and potential of each and every student.  It's rare to see Pete sitting at his desk, instead he is sitting with students, listening in on groups or conferring with individuals.  The relationships he builds in his classroom creates a positive climate where students feel like valued members and it promotes curiosity and interest.

How do you promote positive relationships in your classroom? 
How do you create a positive classroom environment?
Please share!

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  1. I implement TRIBES into my room. Every student (took until about November) has surpassed the INCLUSION phase. Wonderful program. Should be mandatory.